• Early education programs – Focus on early education programs in literacy and STEM. Create real engagement models to teach children beyond the traditional classroom style. Reverse the outcomes of literacy testing by focusing on reducing food deserts, using technology as a learning tool, and developing new methods of literacy outreach.
  • Secondary education – Bring back vocational paths and tech schools.  Provide job study programs that allow students to explore career options beyond college education. Involve community leaders from local unions to improve trade skills.
  • Teachers pensions and pay – Teachers are shaping our children’s lives daily. We need to make the teaching profession desirable in order to get talented individuals in these positions.  Teachers at public schools should be eligible for loan forgiveness based on years of service. As public servants, teachers have a right to pensions.


  • Universal healthcare including shift to focus on preventative care – Affordable healthcare should be a reasonable expectation for every adult. The presence of healthcare advocates who can negotiate prices provides examples of price gouging. Detailed billing for services provided should be standardized. Develop a government option that allows individuals to have a legitimate choice beyond their employers with companies subsidizing that option on an individual basis.
  • Preexisting conditions – Regardless of provider, preexisting conditions should be covered and should not affect premiums.
  • Legalize marijuana – Remove the Schedule 1 designation on cannabis to allow for federally funded medical research for alternatives in pain management, epilepsy, cancer treatment, and opioid addiction. Bonus* Provide new cash crop opportunity to farmers.
  • Pro-choice is pro-women’s health. Women’s health is a right to privacy. Provide full access to women’s issues including stopping the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and other service providers in low income areas. Stop insurance providers from being able to eliminate women’s health and reproductive coverage.

Climate Change

  • Seeking alternative power sources for the future is imperative not just for the environment but also as a matter of national security. Infrastructure needs to be evaluated to provide transmission capabilities to tap into many sources.
  • Eliminate frivolous barriers to entry into a competitive market including unfair tax burdens or advantages.
  • Growth in alternative sources will require re-education  and development of critical manpower resources as part of national infrastructure.


  • Veterans advocacy improvements need to extend to mental health issues. Our heroes are suffering internally and need support. As a part of our military budget, veteran acclimation to civilian life must be a priority including job skills, mental health care and support. VA hospitals need to be updated with new technology infrastructure to to efficiently manage increased demand in patient care due to baby boomer influxes.
  • Military project management improvements and continuous improvement structures should be implemented to identify and repurpose money back into new technology.

Foreign policy

  • We need to re-establish ourselves as world leaders in democracy. This includes how we treat immigrants and religion. As the child of an immigrant, I know there is a right way to enter into this country. I also know that as a world leader striving for peace and empathy, we need to streamline processes that allow for lawful residence of children and adults seeking to better themselves and / or seek refuge not block them.


  • Infrastructure overhaul.  Improve the effectiveness of gun laws by putting new technology into place regarding licensing and gun purchases. Criminal justice review of penalties for domestic violence should include a ban of gun ownership from convicted stalkers and abusers, including non-spouse protections. Improve universal background checks to include private sales.