Every American deserves access to reliable, affordable, high quality healthcare.

I believe in the creation of a public option to help make healthcare affordable. In America, we believe in the freedom to choose. The current system gives us little choice and few options for meeting our healthcare needs. The existence of healthcare advocates and rising prescription drug costs within our system demonstrates how much our sick loved ones are exploited by the current system. Kentuckians deserve more from their government. It’s time for our representation to work to meet our needs and protect us from the burgeoning threat of medical bankruptcy.

  • Enact legislation to create a public option for healthcare coverage
  • Standardize detailed billing for all medical appointments and procedures
  • Remove the ability for price gouging in the current system by regulating prescription drug costs
  • Require insurance company accountability through mandatory disclosures on profit margin and rejection rates including decisions made by non-medical professionals
  • A direct legal statute which protects all Americans with pre-existing conditions and prevents any discrimination of healthcare coverage from any provider
  • Legalize cannabis at the federal level to allow for FDA research into its effects on epilepsy, pain management, and opioid addiction.

The right to medical privacy guaranteed by Roe v. Wade is a vital protection afforded to women.

That protection of a confidential relationship with our medical professionals is something to which every person deserves the right and aligns with HIPAA guidelines. I support protecting the constitutional rights afforded to women via this decision. Further, I fervently support a woman’s right to privacy regarding family planning. I believe in access to birth control for any woman who wants it, as I believe this is absolutely necessary for the economic empowerment and economic equity of women. I also believe that we should ensure access to affordable and high quality women’s healthcare to progress towards equality for our minority communities. Tragically, minority women have a much higher maternal death rate than white women, this should not be the case in the greatest democracy on Earth.

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