We cannot allow our allies abroad to go by the wayside in the wake of the present political climate.

America has been the leader of the free world for the better part of the last century. We must continue to guide the free world to a brighter tomorrow while helping to pull the oppressed from their chains when the opportunity presents itself. Diplomacy is key to unlocking a new century of American prosperity and global prominence.


“I believe NATO is necessary for ensuring America’s security across the globe.”

Unfortunately, the world we live in has bad people who sometimes rise to prominence and power. I also believe that the United States should always have a seat at the table when discussing world security given our extensive economic ties throughout the world. The oath we ask our military to keep is to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic.

War Powers Act

All acts of war should require the approval of Congress. As we have seen with the assassination of General Soleimani, acts of war can have terrible consequences. One person should not be allowed to unilaterally enter the United States in armed conflict. It is time to restore the War Powers Act, and return decisions making to the people of the United States via Congress.


While I do not agree with the United States becoming involved, I cannot support our sudden withdrawal. Through our actions we have created a power vacuum which could allow radical terrorism to rise once again.


Russia must have economic sanctions to answer for their interference in our elections. We must also take care to insure the security and validity of future elections from rouge nations and leaders.


We must approach the situation with China cautiously. It is no secret that America consumes more per capita than any other nation on Earth. However, we have a right to protect our intellectual property, and a right to ensure other nations operate in a fair manner. Trade wars which leave our hard working families out to dry are not the answer. The US deserves representatives who will hold our executive branch accountable to providing effective and productive foreign policy.

North Korea

The United States has had a long standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictator who uses terrorism to remain in power. Our President, and our nation should not be fostering relationships with those who oppress our fellow humans.

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