Every child deserves a high quality public education.

Education is the foundation and lifeblood of our democracy and is required to sustain our republic. I believe in a fully funded public education system where our educators are treated and respected like the highly skilled professionals that they are. I believe in an education system that works to create equity in our society to combat the stereotypes and discrimination of the past. A public education system should provide the same quality education to all students, and not just those in affluent areas with more funding. Our children are our future, and our representation in Congress should work to always give them the best opportunities possible.

  • Early Education initiative to focus on STEM
  • Innovative engagement programs to teach our primary students beyond the classroom
  • Legislation to reverse the outcomes of literacy testing by focusing on real solutions such as reducing food deserts, incorporating technology, and focusing on literacy from day one
  • Bring back funding and support for Vocational Training programs
  • Provide job study programs that allow students to explore career options beyond college education
  • Involve America’s Union infrastructure into our high schools to present alternatives to college
  • Protect Union designed training programs at the professional level to maintain consistent standards amongst trade organizations
  • Fully fund our public schools and the pensions of its employees. We owe the same respect and care to educators and public workers that they give our children everyday

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