Our Economic Future

“Wages are stagnating, benefits are worsening, and the wealth gaps are at all time highs.”

Let’s change that. We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution in our economy. We were once an unparalleled industrial power. We can create high quality jobs, and lifelong employment by investing in the lagging infrastructure of the United States. Broadband, alternative energy, roads, bridges, dams, the electrical grid, and water lines are either lacking in infrastructure or grossly deteriorating across the country. We can become a nation that makes things again through bringing our vital infrastructure to a level fitting of the greatest democracy on Earth.

  • Invest in Broadband expansion to bring connectivity to our underserved communities
  • Renovate and rebuild our aging interstate infrastructure
  • Create a sustainable and renewable energy grid
  • Update the current means of utility delivery including electricity and water

Working Families

"Our nation and our state have a rich history of Labor Unions. It's past time that we recognize how Labor has protected the middle class."

Our nation and our state has a rich history of Labor Unions. Unfortunately, special interest groups have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to undermine the ability of workers to collectively bargain. I wholeheartedly support the right of workers to organize and negotiate on their own behalf. Every worker deserves the right to a family-supporting wage and the ability to retire with dignity.

  • $15 Minimum Wage
  • Repeal current right to work laws, and prevent any future Union busting legislation
  • Rewrite the tax code to remove the unfair burden on the middle class.
  • Make high quality, affordable healthcare accessible to all
  • Strengthen social security and pension benefits for retirees
  • Strengthen Project Labor Agreement legislation
  • Protect prevailing wage laws
  • Use tax dollars to invest in education, infrastructure, and improving the lives of workers.
  • Prevent employers from instituting union busting voting practices
  • Encourage skilled trades and allow our Unions into public education as an alternative to college.
  • Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act
  • Raise Union membership to 20% in America

Social Security and Seniors

“I oppose any cuts to Social Security or Medicaid.”

I appreciate each and every one of our retirees and will do everything to protect their benefits for which they’ve worked so hard.

  • We should increase Social Security benefits and improve the multipliers for cost of living adjustments.
  • Fight to remove the tax on Social Security as it is paid out

Help Shannon Flip the Fourth

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