We must act on climate change now.

We have seen the studies and crunched the numbers, the evidence is overwhelming. We owe this to our children, and their children, and the generations that follow to give them a healthy and sustainable environment in which to thrive. We can no longer ignore the economic, and tragic human toll that climate change is taking on our communities and our world. The United States has always led the world through innovation, it is time for us to do so again. This time we won’t be going to the moon, or placing the first man in space, we are going to save our planet. The renewable energy sector already employs more Americans than fossil fuels, we can all thrive from this innovation.

  • Creating a sustainable and renewable energy grid is vital not only for our environment but is a matter of dire national security
  • Eliminate unfair tax burdens and barriers to entry such as solar meter capping and outdated zoning regulations
  • Well funded initiatives to re-train workers for new energy sectors. We cannot leave our working class families behind when energy markets go through evolutions
  • Continue to fund the federal subsidy to grow development of renewable energy

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