Candidate Shannon Fabert on the death of Breonna Taylor

Say Her Name

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor​
was sleeping. She wasn’t a suspect. She was a black woman who knew a suspect. Being friends with somebody is not a crime.
Being black while you sleep is not a crime.

The actions taken in this “no-knock” search warrant were mirror images of a military raid. Police officers should not be breaking into peoples homes unannounced and without uniforms. ​Breonna Taylor deserves to know why her life was not deemed valuable enough to be protected. ​Breonna Taylor​ deserves to know why the police thought it was ok to execute a no-knock warrant at 1AM. Her family deserves to know why these officers are not being held accountable for their negligent actions that led to her homicide. Yes I said it, homicide. ​Breonna Taylor​ was an innocent bystander. 22 shots were fired.

This is unacceptable conduct by those who “protect and serve”. Breonna Taylor​ is dead.
#SayHerName​ Breonna Taylor

If three men broke into your house unannounced while you slept, you have a right to defend yourself. Isn’t that what “Stand your ground” laws say? Are we going to continue to pretend this is administered equally? Are we going to pretend that certain communities have equal civil rights in the eyes of the law enforcement system? Are we going to pretend Breonna Taylor’s life was even remotely considered by these officers?

Things HAVE to change. We demand justice.

#SayHerName ​Breonna Taylor”


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