Candidate Shannon Fabert labels Massie’s opposition to the relief bill as abhorrent.

Candidate Shannon Fabert labels Massie’s opposition to the relief bill as abhorrent.

Burlington, Ky

Representative Thomas Massie of the Kentucky 4th Congressional District is currently impeding the passing of the Families First Act in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Shannon Fabert, running against Representative Massie, had the following to say about his obstructionist politics. 

“I chose to run in large part because of the lack of leadership our district has been afforded by his tenure in office. Representative Massie has voted to give tax breaks to the rich. Representative Massie has attempted to take your healthcare away. And now, Representative Massie has at every turn attempted to impede any progress our nation has made against the crisis of Covid-19. His insistent grandstanding and fear-mongering are that of an attention seeker, not a leader.” 

Shannon Fabert is on record as supporting the bill, despite it not containing more relief for individual families. She went on to say: 

“I would be fighting to pass it today if I were in congress. A large part of my campaign is about keeping the bailouts on the kitchen table. Americans need those relief checks now. It would be a different story if Thomas Massie had legitimate policy concerns. But he doesn’t. Throughout the entire crisis he has attempted to impede any possible response to the pandemic. The fact that he cannot see what has happened in the most afflicted states is absurd”.

Shannon had this to say specifically about his obstructionist tactics on the Families First relief bill: 

“There is no political ideology that professes to leave your fellow humans to suffer at the hands of crisis. What we have seen in the past few weeks is nothing short of conceited self-adoration. He does not care about us, he only cares about his publicity.  This is some of the most abhorrent behavior I have ever seen in his long line of publicity stunts. The fact that even conservative news outlets are condemning his actions today speaks volumes. Thomas Massie does not have an ideology, he has a self-serving ego. Leaving his constituency to the ravages of a broken economy is absolutely abhorrent.”  


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