Candidate Shannon Fabert encourages protecting working class families from COVID-19’s effects on the economy

Shannon Fabert candidate for the Kentucky 4th Congressional District had the following to say regarding the spread of COVID-19.

“Many of us have been anxiously watching the news regarding the spread of COVID-19. And while health officials are still trying to understand the scope of its reach, without proper health insurance and sick leave policies the toll on the economy is real. Recent studies show a large percentage of Americans cannot handle a $500 emergency expense. Imagine the devastation of a 14-day self quarantine. This is what the stock markets do not show. There are the people who will be left destitute if we do not have leadership that will take the actions needed to protect them when our markets fail.”

Fabert’s opponent in the race Representative Thomas Massie favors a hands off approach to the economy and healthcare and believes markets will self regulate through supply and demand. Shannon Fabert believes that our leadership should take calculated and compassionate actions to protect Americans from market externalities such as virus outbreaks. 

“Working class Americans are more than statistics. The lack of paid family medical leave, and adequate sick time are issues at the forefront of this health crisis. I agree with Governor Andy Beshear and the advice his leadership has given. If you are sick or your children are sick please stay home. We, however as leaders must address the needs of those who do not have access to paid leave to quarantine themselves or care for their children. Leaving labor markets to police themselves through the invisible hand could take us down the same path as we were on 2008. With historic losses in the DOW Industrial the needs of working class families have to be the first thing on our leaders minds.”

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