Candidate Shannon Fabert condemns Massie’s opposition to Anti Lynching Bill. 

Candidate Shannon Fabert condemns Massie’s opposition to Anti Lynching Bill. 

Burlington, Ky

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed long overdue anti-lynching legislation that had already passed in the Senate. This piece of legislation, although symbolic, would do what states have not in the past by making lynching a federal crime. The bill was named after Emmett Till who was lynched in 1955. Shannon Fabert issued the following statement on Representative Massie’s vote. 

“Some will say that it is in the past, but this bill matters. A few years after Till’s lynching my father and his sister were integrating schools. This is the history of the baby boomer generation. This is living history. I am certain Thomas Massie has some ideological loyalty he will turn to in defense of why he voted no but I can not find a respectable reason. Whether he accepts it or not his vote contributes to the systemic racism of our nation.The 4th District was the gateway to freedom, the last stop on the Underground Railroad. Instead of working to heal wounds that still resonate, we have a representative who enjoys divisive politics. As the descendant of African slaves, of black people who had to endure Jim Crow era laws, I find the defense that this would impinge upon free speech unacceptable. This type of logic disguises the domestic terrorism of racial  violence as “sacred rights”. We will not be made to live in terror because of the insensitive and ill informed actions of the person elected to represent us.”

Shannon Fabert is running for the Democratic nomination in the 4th Congressional District of Kentucky. Her website and contact information can be found here: 

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