Early Life

Born in San Francisco, California, I moved around with my parents to various states in the South until they settled in Memphis when I was nine. As the oldest child, I watched my parents struggle together to provide the best of what they could give us especially concerning education. My public school education was marked by an exemplary record in academics and activity. The dedication and impact of the teachers I encountered in all grades deeply affected my life long love of learning and scholarship. I graduated from Bartlett High School in 1996 and received a full scholarship to the University of Tennessee where I received a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 2001.

After college, I started my career at FedEx Ground in operations management where I learned the value of process improvement and servant leadership. It was also here that I met my husband, Greg. I was able to leverage my solid foundation of operations and creative problem solving into a career in business consulting and continuous improvement.

Why I’m here

Growing up in my house, I’ve always been politically aware with a uniquely inclusive perspective.  I am the child of an immigrant and veteran who as a child was thrust into the Civil Rights Movement.  I grew up with stories of activism as a family history. I grew up believing that our best leaders worked hard and respectfully to represent all of their constituents, not just the ones that voted for them nor for special interests.  I saw elected officials working across the aisle in bi-partisan efforts for the sake of the country and the people they represented. I believed that these elected officials rose up from humble beginnings with altruistic intentions.  Today, we are all acutely aware that we are living in a vastly different hyper partisan reality. But we don’t have to be.

My husband and I moved to Northern Kentucky in 2009 as newlyweds.  We were blessed in perilous economic times that his company brought us here as they shuttered their US ground operation in Pennsylvania. Since that time, we’ve embraced Northern Kentucky as our home. I’ve followed the actions and words of the current Representative of Kentucky’s 4thCongressional District and those that have run against him; it is how I arrived at this point.  I’ve staked my professional career on building consensus in hard business environments. I’ve fought hard to earn a seat at many leadership tables by not going with the status quo.  I did this through the kind of relationship building and servant leadership that we deserve to have in the House of Representatives.  I could continue to be voter with a limited voice but you should know I’m not that kind of person,  I am the kind of fighter that has to stand up when I see something wrong. And right now, we need a fighter for all Kentuckians, not just the 1%.  It is with a full heart (and maybe a hard head!) that I declare my intention to run for the Democratic nomination for the 4thCongressional district.

What Next?

The movement is building.  It is time for Northern Kentucky to have representation that will fight for all of us.  We deserve somebody who will drive legislation that reflects the unbridled spirit of Kentuckians.  I need your help to make that happen.  Please donate and join Shannon Fabert for the 4th.

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Be a part of the Unbridled Blue Wave. It’s time for the 4th Congressional District of Kentucky to have real representation for all of its constituents. It’s time to elect somebody who can put ideas into action for the people. Your donation today will drive the foundation of Shannon’s 2020 run for Congress.