Law abiding Americans should be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights; my concern is making sure we keep them out of the wrong hands.

I have two brothers who serve in our nation’s military. My grandfathers and father served this nation as well. My family grew up knowing to responsibly use and store firearms. While many candidates have mentioned and supported a “gun registry” or “assault weapon” bans, I do not. I believe we need to create a No Gun Registry similar to the sex offenders registry so that we have a quick, easily referenced list via the Form 2 to ensure all states’ records are shared across the board. This will go a long way in ending the cycle of domestic violence where all too often abusers are able to purchase firearms in another state or county, or through private sales, and women become the victims of gun violence.

  • Establish a nation wide No Gun registry that is required to be referenced on all gun sales
  • Create and enforce fair Red Flag Laws
  • Close the “Boyfriend” loophole
  • End the private firearm sale loophole by requiring it to be processed via FFL’s in all cases
  • Enforce and prosecute all Form 2 violations when those who are barred from purchasing guns attempt to do so

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